Armenian Wedding Traditions: Every Curious Detail Revealed

Armenian Wedding Traditions: Every Curious Detail Revealed

You have arrived at the right place if you are looking to follow all the Armenian wedding traditions. The Armenian tradition is between the many effective in preserving its rituals throughout the hundreds of years, and wedding festivities are not any exclusion.

As point in fact, as soon as regarding the engagement, which often happens per year ahead of the date for the wedding, numerous colorful Armenian wedding customs simply take destination. Do you wish to know every thing about Armenian weddings? Why don’t we begin from the start.

The Khosk Kap

To propose, some guy is going to your bride’s that is prospective, followed closely by their close family members in a party called “Khosk Kap”. Through the proposition, it is customary to provide tea for all, nevertheless the drink can just only be drunk once the man that is oldest associated with bride’s household takes the proposition.

Often, with this meeting that is first the groom’s family members brings chocolates, Armenian cognac, plants as well as other gift suggestions for many attendees.

The Engagement Ceremony: Armenian Wedding Traditions

When you look at the following days, they generally celebrate an engagement celebration in which the couple that is soon-to-be-married have the very first blessing from their priest. With this time in the delighted couple will start to make use of the ring inside their right hand before the big day by which they are going to begin to use it within their remaining hand. Continue reading “Armenian Wedding Traditions: Every Curious Detail Revealed”