Think About Me? Making Use Of Personal Experience With Academic Composing

Think About Me? Making Use Of Personal Experience With Academic Composing

Sound: fine. Today well, hello, everyone and thank you so much for joining us. I am Beth Nastachowski and I also have always been the Manager of Multimedia Writing instruction here in the Center that is writing and’m simply getting us began right right here with a few fast housekeeping records before I hand this session up to our presenter today, Claire

A few things to consider, the foremost is the recording has been started by me for the webinar. I will be posting the regarding within the webinar archive and you may access that later on in the event that you would like to come back and review the session or access the slides, you can do that from the recording if you have to leave for any reason during the session or.

I also choose to note right here if you ever see a webinar being presented live and you can’t attend or if you’re looking for help on a particular writing topic, we have those recordings available for you 24/7 so you can just take a look at the archive in the categories there to find a recording that would be useful for you that we record all of the webinars in the Writing Center, so

We additionally wish that you will connect with us through the session, thus I understand Claire has a lot of polls therefore the chats she will be making use of through the entire session, therefore ensure that you connect to her along with your other pupils there

But also remember that the links through the slides that Claire has are interactive, in order to click the links and it’ll open in a brand new tab in your web browser, and will additionally you download the slides that she’s right here into the data Pod that is in the bottom right-hand corner and certainly will you download those slides and they’re going to conserve to your computer or laptop also

Finally, we likewise have a Q&A Box in the right-hand region of the display therefore I’ll monitor that field through the session and will be thrilled to respond to any concerns or react to any feedback you have actually, therefore do I want to understand when you have actually a concern or remark, i am thrilled to hear away from you and I also understand Claire will likely be stopping for questions and feedback to deal with those aloud throughout particular points associated with the presentation aswell

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