Just how to pay money for university without loans

Just how to pay money for university without loans

Exactly just just What good does the Army investing in university do you the time to go? That’s why, as a Soldier in the Army Reserve, you’ll have the time and freedom to put your educational benefits to use if we don’t give. That option through the College Tuition Assistance Program if you want to go to college without interruption, many Army Reserve units now offer you. The Army Reserve additionally makes it possible to pay money for university, and in case you’ve currently attended university, the Army Reserve will allow you to pay down your loans.

The next tuition that is military programs can be found to any or all qualified candidates:

Selected Reserve Montgomery GI Bill (MGIB)

Being a Soldier within the Army Reserve, you are able to use the Montgomery GI Bill as a real method to fund your university training. Dependent on just how long you enlist, you could get over $13,000 to simply help buy university.

What is the pay like?

As much as $375 per for 36 months for full-time students month.


You could add as much as $350 per thirty days to your Reserve Montgomery GI Bill for as much as three years utilizing the “Kicker. ” (Amounts differ with task and rank, and specific rules use for eligibility. )

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